Black Dress Photography®

Black Dress Photography® is a commercial photography business specializing in fashion, beauty, and fine art photography.

Who We Are

Profile Image Kevin Robinson ©Kevin Robinson, - All Rights Reserved.

Kevin Robinson - Photographer

Hi, I'm Kevin the owner of Black Dress Photography®. We work in studio and on location, domestically and internationally. At Black Dress Photography® we are dedicated to fulfilling the photographic needs of our clients toward the marketing and advertising of their brand. If you have a creative idea for your brand, we can help make it a reality; if you don't have one, be assured we do! On behalf of myself and everyone that is part of the Black Dress Photography® team, we look forward to working with you on your next marketing and advertising campaign.

Profile Image Vaeda Sweeden ©Kevin Robinson, - All Rights Reserved.

Vaeda Sweeden - Lead Assistant

The process of making a great photograph does not come about by simply picking up a camera. There is an immense amount of preparation, planning and team work, that are necessary to create a work that is representative of the effort invested. An absolutely essential component of making that happen is an exceptional assistant. The role of an assistant encompasses many facets, including helping with day to day business operations, the pre-production process, the photoshoot, and the post-production process. It takes a very unique individual to fulfill that role, Vaeda is that unique individual.

Profile Image Lauren Knowles ©Kevin Robinson, - All Rights Reserved.

Lauren Knowles - Stylist

Whether it’s a fashion beauty or fine art photoshoot; hair, makeup, and wardrobe are key elements to creating a great image. As one of foundational members of the Black Dress Photography® team, Lauren’s input continues to be inspirational in the image production process. Lauren started in the field of modeling at the age of 7 and after a brief hiatus joined the Black Dress Photography® team. Her experience in front of the camera brings a persepective few can understand. Having a great model as part of the team is an invaluable asset and we're glad that Lauren is a part of our team.

What We Do

Fashion Image ©Kevin Robinson, - All Rights Reserved.

Fashion Photography

Whether it's at an exoctic venue, on a rooftop, city street, or studio; we love the dance of fashion that is elegant, edgy, chic, intimate, classy, haute, or sassy.

Beauty Image ©Kevin Robinson, - All Rights Reserved.

Beauty Photography

With beauty we love to immerse ourselves in a world that is vibrant, exciting, and fresh; full of rich bold colors that pop and are captivating and flirtatious.

Fine Art Image ©Kevin Robinson, - All Rights Reserved.

Fine Art Photography

The alluring elegance of fine art photography can play well in the world of advertisement or personal collection and continues to be evocative and timeless.

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